Rain Man

This year I participated in Five Boroughs Bike Tour. It is not particularly long or challenging but hey – I am in New York, why not. The biggest challenge was to avoid colliding with other cyclists and there were many, 32 000 to be precise. The quantity of participants was one of the draws of the event for me. Another one was crossing Verrazano bridge into Staten Island which is normally closed to pedestrians or cyclists.

It could’ve been a fun ride, but unfortunately, the weather did not collaborate. It began to rain right before we started and it rained the rest of the way, at times heavily. Half-way through, I was completely drenched and cold. I had to pedal quite hard just to try to stay warm. I can’t explain why I did not leave the tour as many others did. Maybe on the back of my mind there was a thought about my upcoming trip to Europe. Once there, the weather may not be as nice as I hope for, but I still will have to press on. Moreover, as I plan to camp out during my trip, I won’t have the luxury of a long hot shower and a comfortable bed to return to after a day on the road.

I guess the Five Boroughs Bike Tour was a test of my determination, or stubbornness if you will. I passed it. And so did my Brompton. Hopefully, I will not have many of these wet days while touring in Europe.