12/06/23 – Transatlantic

I was set to fly out of Buenos Aires on Monday, the day after wrapping up Messi10 in Argentina; however, Air France threw a wrench into my plans with a delayed flight, causing me to miss the connecting flight in Paris. Consequently, they rescheduled my flight for the following day, rerouting through Santiago, Chile, and requiring an airport change in Paris. Lovely! Thus, what had initially promised to be a long but straightforward day of travel morphed into a protracted ordeal.
First, there were a couple of hiccups at the Ezeiza airport: at check-in they couldn’t locate my reservation for the connecting flight from Paris, then I was asked to pay for already prepaid second bag (the one with Greengo inside). It took a minute to sort it all out. The final hurdle was at passport control where I was questioned about a visa, which I believed I possessed but, in reality, didn’t. Fortunately, a PDF file on my phone confirming my legal status in the country spared me from trouble. Phew! And with that, off I went. Departing Argentina left me a tad melancholic because, in all probability, I will not be back.
A couple of hours later, I touched down in Santiago. The flight from Santiago to Paris was delayed, it also lasted almost 14 hours. Moreover, my entertainment center malfunctioned, and the food sucked. Oh-la-la Air France!
Due to the delay, making it on time for the flight to Brive became unattainable. I resorted to a train travel, but owing to Paris’ heavy traffic I missed the early train, leading to a couple of hours of waiting for the subsequent one, followed by another four-hour journey. Julie came to pick me up in Brive, and after an hour-long drive, I was finally home. This entire voyage, I must confess, wasn’t fun at all but I will sleep in my own bed tonight, first time in six months.

Today in numbers:

0 km — distance cycled, for the obvious reason
13 341 km — distance traveled door-to-door by autos, planes, and train
30.5 h — time it took to reach home, most of it spent sitting – quite unhealthy