I started cycling at the young age of 52. While touring in Europe with Cirque du Soleil in the summer of 2014, I decided to buy a green Brompton bicycle to help me move around in the cities we were working in. Before that, the most time I’d spent on a bike was during my performing years as a high wire artist, riding a custom bike on a wire 30 feet up in the air. Not exactly your typical cycling environment.

I have since become very fond of my Brompton, who I affectionately call “Greengo”. It is all pimped up: it has all the accessories I need without going quite as far as carbon wheels and titanium bolts. I use it a lot for a city bike. If there is a sunny day, I feel guilty if I don’t take Greengo out for a ride. We even participated in the Brompton World Championship race in 2015; we came in the middle of the peloton and had a blast!

Greengo and I have traveled to 47 countries and cycled for over 50 000 km together. We’re not done yet: I have ideas of new adventures for us to embark on for years to come.

We make a good team.

Igor Arefiev