Almost exactly eight years ago, we moved from Vegas to New York. Now, we’re on the move again. While I still like the city, as I’m growing older (not necessarily wiser), I find myself leaning towards calmer and greener environments. As a result, we’re going to spend more time in France, where we have a house. However, our pied à terre in the States will once again be in Vegas.
The month since I returned to New York from Moscow has been spent dealing with visas, packing, and preparing the apartment for rent. It was a bit weird seeing the apartment being slowly stripped of its personality and eventually becoming empty.
Before leaving NYC, I wanted to take one last run through Brooklyn and around Manhattan on my Brompton. When I unpacked my bike from the suitcase where it had remained since the voyage from Riyadh, I realized that part of the rear triangle was slightly cracked, the kickstand was bent, and the rim of the rear wheel was a bit deformed. How hard did this suitcase have to be slammed to damage its content? Luckily, none of these damages were serious enough to stop me from cycling – I enjoyed a relatively warm and sunny day on the town.

Winter in New York in numbers:

62 km — distance cycled
5 — boroughs make up New York City
2 736 074 — Brooklyn’s population, which makes it the fourth-largest city in the US