God Bless my Brompton

Every year, for quite some time, the ceremony of Blessing of the Bikes takes place at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine of New York. It’s New York and many things happen here – interesting, funny, bizarre. And this bike blessing is one of them. I myself was blessed by the clergy of most major religions over my years of traveling. Now, since I am supposedly protected from evil, I decided to extend this protection to my bike, hence I brought Greengo to the ceremony. I think Greengo is agnostic. However, because The Cathedral Church of St. John welcomes all faiths (or lack thereof), it was OK to bring him there.

There were hundreds of cyclist with their partners in crime. I spotted a few fellow bromptoneers amongst them.

After the blessing, there was a moment of silence to remember the cyclists lost in the past year, followed by everyone ringing their bicycle bells in celebration of the cycling season to come.

And there we were, both blessed. But of course, God helps those who help themselves. So, let’s be careful on the road.