Dry Run

In a preparation for my A(ndorra) to A(lbania) bike tour I decided to do a “dry run” to see if I am capable of pedaling long distances with a cargo. Because I will cycle through Pyrenees, Alps and Dinaric Alps I chose Bear Mountain as my destination. Not Mont Blanc but still a mountain. I stopped once near Piermont for a coffee and then to fix a flat tire. Although I have fixed flats on a few occasions, it still took me at least half an hour. On the bright side – it gave my legs much needed rest. Then there were last 7 km – all uphill with wind gusts. Luckily I am stubborn like a mule, so there I was – six hours and 103 km later on the top of Bear Mountain.

It would have been nice if I was airlifted back to my apartment but no, I had to ride another 16 km to nearest train station, which neither my body or my brain wanted to do.

Finally 12 hours after I left I was back home where I gobbled half a gallon of ice cream as a reward.