Europe – A(ndorra) to A(lbania)

As a circus performer, I have already done quite a bit of traveling, including most of Europe.
Most of it… but not all of it!

Having a little bit of youthful maximalism left in me, I am planning to check the few remaining unseen countries off my list. There are just six or seven of them left, depending who you ask: Andorra, Lichtenstein, Albania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Malta, and Iceland.

Unlike my circus days though, my mode of transportation will be a bicycle. This means that I will also cross through France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. Ironically, I will be spending way more time in these transition countries than at my destinations which, apart from Iceland, are small, very small, even outright minuscule!

Adding insult to injury, my bike is a Brompton. But as they say, desire is stronger than fear!

Excluding air travel, my tour should be roughly 3500 km and take around two months.