08/16/20 – Ketomorphosis

Four weeks ago, on the spur of a moment as I often do, I decided to go on a Keto diet. The whole research took me a couple of hours: I read a few articles on the web, downloaded an app to calculate my macronutrients, and found a few dozen keto-friendly recipes.
I didn’t really need to go on a diet for health reasons or to lose weight, but I needed a challenge and thus I went through with it.
Keto is a bit of a strange thing: I have never eaten so much fat and greasy food. To make it a bit more challenging, for the last couple of weeks I was intermittently fasting. Moreover, because Mrs. Bromptomaniac didn’t go along with this exercise, I had to cook my own food for every meal. Could I work as a sous-chef while showbiz is shut?
While at it, I also ramped up cycling – 285 km on average per week. With all this cycling I even cracked the railing of my saddle, so I had to use Julie’s while waiting for a replacement.
The end result: weight loss of several kilos.

These four weeks in numbers:

1139 km – distance cycled
7.9 kg – weight loss
20 g – limit of carbs allowed to be consumed per day to be on a Keto diet; I only managed to stay that low a handful of times