05/01/21 – Internationaler Kampf und Feiertag der Werktätigen für Frieden und Sozialismus

It’s International Workers Day today. It is also the day when there should’ve been enough vaccines available for all US citizens as promised by President Biden if he hadn’t reached the goal ahead of schedule, just like in the ol’ good days of the Soviet Union. This lead me to a question: is it a mere coincidence or is Biden indeed a covert socialist, as the right-wing media claims, and he timed it on purpose to show his allegiance to the world’s socialist movement? Today, coincidentally for sure, is the day when I got my second dose of anti-COVID vaccine. Hooray! I am ready to travel again! Is travel ready for me, that is the question.

A few weeks since I came back to NYC in numbers:

1177 km — distance cycled
~70% — herd immunity threshold
15 — number of European countries led by social-democrat or labor parties
5 — out of top 10 happiest countries in the world are north European with high tax rates
1848 — The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, is published