03/20/21 – Back to the Future

Last autumn we dashed out of NYC in hopes of reaching Europe via Montréal. Unfortunately, due to last-minute border closures during our 2-week layover, we got stuck in Montréal where we spent a full-blown winter, our first in a very very long while. I packed my Brompton away at the first signs of colder weather, so instead of cycling I walked, a lot. I can’t say I missed the cold and the snow; I’d rather be some place to the south, much to the south, and I’d rather pedal than walk. I guess getting older makes me like warmer climates.
This week, after almost five months north of the border, we returned back home to NYC empty handed, so to speak: our trip to Europe proved to be elusive. Now we wait for the pandemic to die down and borders to re-open. Meanwhile, I’ll get back on the saddle of my Brompton and will pedal towards my uncertain future one day at a time.

P.S. Upon arrival in NYC, I went through my cycling clothes and realized that I was overly optimistic about our chances to reach Europe: I shipped all my warm cycling gear to France ahead of our departure from NYC few months ago. I hope warm weather will arrive in New York rather soon because right now it’s too cold for leisure cycling, at least for me.

Montreal winter in numbers:

0 km – distance cycled
887 km – distance walked
176.2 cm – of snow accumulated in Montréal while I was there