05/16/21 – Egyptian Magicians

Yesterday, Brompton NYC organized another outing for cyclists on, you guessed it, Bromptons. This time the ride was on the shorter side going through Manhattan; the final destination — Egyptian restaurant Zööba. The weather was great and the food at the end was quite delicious.
I haven’t been able to visit Egypt as of yet even though it has been atop of my bucket list for a while. I was at the planning stage when the Arab Spring erupted, consequently postponing the trip. It wasn’t supposed be a proper cycling trip but I was intending on bringing my Brompton as a substitute for a camel in case I needed move around the city. Hopefully, one day I’ll get to go there to see the pyramids and eat authentic Egyptian street food.

Yesterday in numbers:

80 km — distance cycled, including to and from Manhattan
138.5 m — the height of the oldest and largest of Egyptian pyramids, Pyramid of Cheops
170 — pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt over its history