10/09/18 – Right? Wrong!

And on the fourth day God said: “Enough of this rainy nonsense!”, and there were a few hours of intermittent sunshine. I took advantage of it to finally cycle around. Sydney’s downtown is a pleasant mix of old and new. And then there’s the iconic Sydney Opera House. Being on my Brompton, I ventured a little further than in previous days. I am still slightly confused which way to look crossing streets on foot and which way to turn when cycling, but I’m slowly getting a handle on it.

I am already halfway through my time in Sydney but, courtesy of bad weather, I spent more time inside than outside so far. Fingers crossed – the rest of the week will be drier and I will put Greengo to good use.

These days in numbers:

46 km – distance cycled
1973 – year Sydney Opera House was open
$102 000 000 – construction cost at the time; $7 000 000 was the projected cost