10/07/18 – 94

I arrived in Sydney on a cold rainy day. I got into a hostel full of youngsters; receptionist told me that there’s age restriction – 35, but turned a blind eye to it. Last time I stayed in a room with strangers was in the army. Moreover, it was mixed dormitory, which I somehow overlooked when I booked it. So, it was me and three girls: Italian, Brazilian and English.
Although I was exhausted after 19 hours flight, I couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights: jet lag, bad mattress, noise inside and outside of the hostel, one of the girls snoring like a sailor.
Because it was raining on and off, Greengo and I didn’t go out much either.
Still, it was a new city, a new country, a new continent. Country number 94. Woohoo!

These days in numbers:

12500 km – distance flown
7 692 024 km² – Australia’s size
24 A$ – price of a bunk bed in the hostel