Weeks 95-96 – Fashion Victim

After a few long months Julie joined me on tour again: our small family is reunited. Yeay!

On the first day I forgot I credit card at, where else, an ice cream shop. Somehow, the guy from the shop figured out I work on Sep7imo Dia and came to the venue with the card.

As part of a PR artists from Sep7imo Dia participated in an annual Fashion Show. I was there playing myself – a coach. Since I still wore the walker boot, people were asking me what happened? My response was, appropriately, – it’s a fashion statement.
Rosario is the birthplace of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a contraversial revolutionary who, post-mortem, became a darling of fashion industry with his image being replicated world over.

It was mostly sunny and we took advantage of it strolling along the river amongst numerous locals. Rosario happened to be a pleasant city, nice weather helped as well.

These weeks in numbers:

0 km – distance cycled
3 – trillion USD is the value of the global fashion industry
2nd – largest city in the country is Rosario, or is it Córdoba (there’s a rivalry between them)?