Weeks 93-94 – Seaside Blues

Although our hotel was right on the beach, there was no sunbathing or swimming – it’s the middle of winter in Argentina. The city had a movie-like vibe to it, a bit of a sad movie: empty beaches, somewhat deserted streets, buildings with shutters closed.

Our hotel had Kubrick’s The Shining feel to it, with its long empty corridors and salons. Some said there were ghosts.

Even without the summer crowds, Sep7imo Dia played to full houses with very enthusiastic audiences.
Last week I tweaked my ankle, and the doctor put me in a boot: no cycling for me in the next few weeks. It’s a pity as Mar del Plata’s long seashore would have been a nice place to pedal about. I didn’t wander far on foot either.

P.S. The plane tickets to my next “big” cycling trip are bought.

These weeks in numbers:

0 km – distance cycled
8 000 000 – visitors come to Mar del Plata yearly