Weeks 31-32 – Don’t Cry for Me…

Argentina! Our 8-month stay is coming to an end! It’s the longest I’ve stayed anywhere except my home countries. It’s a big chunk of land so we didn’t see all of it, but we experienced many of its highlights: waterfalls, penguins, peaks, glaciers, horses, meat and wine.

We’re wrapping up our Argentinian adventure in Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina. We ventured out to the city center only once and were underwhelmed. I may not remember Cordoba for its beauty, but certainly for this: after more than a decade in retirement I performed on stage again (sort of), temporarily replacing one of the artists. It was fun.

We enjoyed Argentina but we are ready for a change. Hasta la vista!

These weeks in numbers:

0km – distance covered: it took me a while to clean up Greengo after our Bolivian trip
15 – shows performed as a part-time Banquine porter