Week 20 – 55 on Sep7imo Dia

Five months of training and staging has come to an end. The world premiere of Sep7imo Dia, the newest Cirque du Soleil show based on the music of Soda Stereo, took place on March 9th. 5000 fans danced, sang along and admired the breathtaking acts. The show sounds, looks and feels like a rock concert. And our artists rocked the Luna Park arena! The premiere was a resounding (no pun intended) success. I am happy and proud to be a part of this adventure!

It was the cherry on my birthday cake. Si, si, it also happened to be my birthday, which ended up in a big party thrown by the producer where we drank and danced until the wee hours. It’s debatable if the party was for my birthday or to celebrate the premiere but Diego, the producer, assured me that it was for me.

Now we are officially on tour, although for the next three months we will continue to play in Buenos Aires, in front of sold out crowds. During the next twelve months we are going to traverse Latin America entertaining eager fans.

I will continue to make my side trips, with or without my Brompton.

This week in numbers:
55 – my age as of Thursday
35 – artists on the show
4 – shows performed
20599 – people came to see the show
44 – USD is the price of the cheapest seats
255 – USD is the price of the most expensive seats