Week 21 – La Boca Loca

The creative team is gone, the dust is slowly settling down; we are now on our own. I have mixed feelings about it – on one hand, I am down from the excitement of the creation process and the emotional high of the Premiere, on the other hand, I am glad our show making its first independent steps out into the wild.

Today, for the first time in a long while, I did some actual cycling. It was a sunny Sunday with few cars on the road and perfect weather. I didn’t have a plan; I just followed the bike path from our hotel, making a left turn whenever I saw a new path. I spent a couple of hours riding through different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: from Retiro to Monserrat to Barracas to La Boca. I made a quick stop at La Boca’s Caminito, a small street with colorfully painted houses and full of tourists. Otherwise, this neighborhood was quiet; no football game of the beloved Boca Juniors – no crazy fans. I would’ve liked to cycle longer but we have a show tonight, so I made another left turn and headed back to the hotel, passing through Puerto Madero on the way.

This week in numbers:
21 km – distance traveled outside my daily commute, a pitiful number
65 – number of official titles won by Boca Juniors football team
48 – barrios or neighborhoods in Buenos Aires