Week 2 – Crouching Tigre

The first week went by quickly. I wasn’t particularly busy but still, there wasn’t much time to explore the city.

On Sunday, it was suggested that I visit Tigre, a charming town nearby. I left relatively early to have enough time to explore it and not rush on the way. Tigre lays about 30 km north of Buenos Aires and is situated in the estuary of Rio de la Plata, or River Plate – the namesake of the famous Argentinian soccer club.

The road to get there was quite easy – I used a large Buenos Aires street which, although getting smaller as you go, leads you directly to Tigre. Somewhere halfway, I saw a bunch of cyclists turning right, so I decided to follow them, hoping that locals may know a better route. And they do: it was a much quieter road, with many cyclists, joggers and people walking along the road. Unfortunately, there were so many speed bumps and potholes that I, with my small wheels, would probably have been better off staying on the main street.

Less than two hours later I arrived in Tigre. There is the “Puerto de Frutos” (Fruit Port), now a crafts fair located in the old fruit market by the riverside, a Naval Museum, a casino and the Parque de la Costa, an amusement park with its own fake Chinatown. Plenty of attractions for a small town. Add to this springtime and a sunny Sunday = muchas personas. Not my favorite combination. Hence, after a quick stroll and lunch, I headed back to Buenos Aires.

The week in numbers:
76.1 km – distance covered
2 – burgers
2 – hotdogs
0 – steaks