Week 1 – Hola Buenos Aires!

I arrived in Buenos Aires early afternoon on Sunday. My home for next seven months will be Bellini Esmeralda Tower, a 45 story aparthotel, that is still being completed. The view from my 34th-floor apartment, with wall to wall windows, is gorgeous. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I unpacked Greengo and went out to explore the city, despite the fact that in my welcome packet it was suggested not to take the risk to cycle due to driver’s lack of respect towards pedestrians and cyclists.

To test the waters, I only used dedicated bike paths. I went all the way to Tecnópolis, the venue we are going to train at, and then came back through the streets I will be using for my daily commute once we start working. Along the way, I passed a few neighborhoods such as Recoleta, Palermo, Colegiales. The roads were mostly OK and I did not encounter any particularly “disrespectful” drivers. Although I have to say drivers don’t really stop at the stop sign, they just slow down. So, even though I had the right of way in many instances, I chose to stop when I saw cars approaching, just in case. I did not want to play who’s gonna back down first. I made back to the apartment safe and sound.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to cycle the rest of the week because of work. But this ride was sufficient to realize that Buenos Aires is a big sprawling city. Luckily, I am here long enough to explore it in more detail.

The week in numbers:
33.9 km – distance covered