Day 34 – Grumpy Old Man 

Waking up around 6 am after short and restless night – not fun. Having a flat tire a few kilometers from the start – not fun. Making a detour to visit Split only to realize that at 10 in the morning it is swarming with tourists – not fun. Riding on a busy road inhaling fumes from passing trucks – not fun. Seeing countless signs “Apartmani” and “Pizza – Grill” and hearing ever so loud cicadas – annoying. Not being able to muster any power from your legs to keep a reasonable speed – frustrating. Rocky beach with rocky sea bottom – painful.
Or maybe I was just grumpy because of my lack of sleep?

Changing tire wasn’t that difficult and long. And I am a tourist as well. And the road was busy for just a short while. And people need to make a living somehow. And what can you do about cicadas – it’s in their nature. And I didn’t have to pedal as hard – I wasn’t in a hurry. And rocky beaches are what you get in the Adriatic.

Today in numbers:
91 km – distance covered
5h27m – riding time
½ – watermelon I ate at once
Gazillion – signs “Rooms for Rent” in various languages along the way