33 – Psychotherapy

A good night’s sleep in a bed boosted not only my body but my mind as well. After a couple of difficult days I was physically and mentally drained. But the sea water, interactions with people other than myself, a feast for dinner, generous amounts of wine and a simple thing like bed got me back on track.

I left Gornje Petrčane early without a clear plan. Stopping there kinda threw me off schedule: if I went to my next planned destination it would be a very short ride, and if I went to the following day’s destination it would be a very long ride. I decided to play it by ear. The relatively flat road and practically windless weather had a therapeutical effect on my psyche: I was happy and reinvigorated. I whistled something from Queen’s repertoire. Life was good. I passed my original destination, made roughly 100 km in four hours, so I took a chance and went for the following day’s destination. I chose the shorter but not necessarily easier road: the first half of it was uphill. While going uphill I stopped often and checked the remaining distance – it was diminishing ever so slowly. But after 140 km I finally made to Trogir, yet another World Heritage site. We were there a few years ago when we were going the opposite direction along the Croatian coastline while on vacation. We were driving a car though.

I arrived early enough to go to the old town, grab an ice cream and take a couple of pictures.

I came to the camping site and went directly to the beach. I am actually still here, sitting on the pier, feet hanging in the water while writing this post.

Life if beautiful.

Today in numbers:
140 km – distance covered. My longest ride I believe, although not by much
7h16m – riding time

P.S. The sun just went down behind the nearby hills. Have a good night!