Day 35 – A day in the life

It was an ordinary day in the life of the unemployed: got up at 5:20 am, cycled for 4-5 hours along Croatian seacoast, then jumped in the Adriatic Sea in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The only difference from the previous days was a stretch of flat road that was running for several kilometers along the Neretva river, a welcome change in my recent routine. Of course, when I hit the flatlands, the wind picked up. Guess which direction it was blowing? You’re right: in my face. By the time the wind changed I was back in the hills.
Upon my arrival in Bosnia, the border official waved me off when she saw me on my bike.

Bosnia’s sea coast is about 20 kilometers long, snucked in between the northern and southern parts of Croatia.

At the camp site I was bit put off by the absence of people. But it was much cheaper than in Croatia, so I stayed. The guy who greeted me was cooking something when I arrived. To my surprise he said: “Come join us”. It was, I presume, a traditional meal: potato with pig ribs. I didn’t need to be asked twice, protein is in demand.

I was surprised again when one of the guys happened to speak French. And surprised once again that I was able to carry on small talk in French without searching for words, with no pressure to perform.

Today in numbers:
89 km – distance covered
5h9m – riding time
539 km – distance from Rijeka, the first Croatian city on my itinerary
66 km – distance to Dubrovnik, the last Croatian city on my itinerary