12/14/19 – London Calling

I love our long weekends: with dirt cheap airfares I can go anywhere in Europe. This weekend I flew to London, joining Julie who came from New York. The reason we went to London was Hamilton, the musical. The hype surrounding it in New York made it almost impossible to get tickets while we were there, besides their exuberant price. Seeing it in London was easier and cheaper. Although we had our reservations regarding the show beforehand, after seeing it we both joined the masses singing the praises to it. Interestingly, many years ago I saw another musical in London – Mamma Mia. You may think I am a musicals buff but it’s just a coincidence.
As it wasn’t our first time in London there was no pressure to see the attractions. We just spent a few days wandering around at a leisurely pace. London was full of life and Christmas lights. More human, so to speak, than we perceived it on our previous visits. Of course, a visit wouldn’t be complete without rain. Living up to its reputation, Foggy Albion sprinkled us with a few showers. But, thanks to the Tate Museum and a few restaurants and coffee shops, we largely avoided getting wet.

While strolling around the city I saw so many cyclists on Bromptons, it made me kinda regret not bringing Greengo, my Brompton, to his birthplace and the starting point of his illustrious travel career; I got him here at the Brompton Junction in 2014. Maybe we’ll return together for one of the next world championships.

London in numbers:

0 km – distance cycled but we walked for 74 km
20.5€ – price of a roundtrip flight from Barcelona to London
11 – Tony Awards for the original Broadway production of Hamilton
1804 – year Alexander Hamilton was fatally shot in a duel
$10 – bill featuring Hamilton’s portrait
1979 – year London Calling by The Clash was released, exactly 40 years ago