12/08/19 – Goodfellas

I’ve recently watched the latest Scorsese crime saga, The Irishman. I watched it somewhat absentmindedly, in a few chunks because of its length, and as a result it didn’t click with me. But I am not here to review the movie. One thing I noticed – Jimmy Hoffa ate ice cream in a few episodes. As ice cream subject is close to my heart, I dug around on the internet and, allegedly, Hoffa did like ice cream in real life, maybe as much I do. So does Al Pacino, who portrayed him in the movie. I guess I am in a good company – if you take Hoffa out of equation.
You may ask: “What does this have to do with cycling?”. Ice cream is an essential “dietary supplement” of yours truly, the bromptomaniacal cyclist.

This week in numbers:

88 km – distance cycled
4 – portions of ice cream consumed