11/27/22 – Caffeinated

While commuting I made a habit of changing my route daily. My aversion to cycling without a goal or at least a pretext, coupled with the ubiquity of coffee shops in Riyadh brought me to a few dozen aforementioned shops. While in Riyadh I drank more iced lattes than I did in the past few years combined. Moreover, as all coffee shops I visited were of local brands, it was difficult to find decaf drinks. From time to time I would stop by more than one coffee shop during my commute and as a result I would arrive at work perked up and ready to “rock’n’roll”. It seems I always find a vice to indulge in: be it chips and beer, ice cream, or, in this case, coffee. That’s until I get the results of a blood test with elevated numbers and I stop and switch to something less “harmful”.

This week in numbers:

175 km — distance cycled
33 — different coffee shops visited, some multiple times; I still have a few days to visit some more
6.92 USD — price of the most expensive cup of iced latte I drank in Riyadh, it was also the smallest one
½ Million — the name of the coffee shop with best iced latte; no matter which one I tried, all of them were better than the Starbucks