11/20/22 – Half & Half

Earlier this week I hit the 3000km mark of cycling for the year. It is half of what I set as a goal at the year’s outset. But due to circumstances out of my control I haven’t been on my bike for almost 6 months. The year’s end is approaching fast and I don’t believe I will be able to catch up with my goal. Hence, I am a bit disappointed. On the other hand I’ve made it thus far despite the shortened cycling season. I am at the proverbial glass half-empty or half-full intersection. I choose the optimistic point of view: I could have cycled even less if I hadn’t spend the whole summer in France using Julie’s Brompton. Plus, I got my Brompton back when I was unexpectedly invited to return to Riyadh. So, the glass is half full. I will keep the same 6000km goal for next year and hopefully there will be no unpleasant surprises.

This week in numbers:

136 km — distance cycled
250 ml — the capacity of a typical glass