11/10/18 – Centrist

Despite it raining most of the night, when I got up the sun was coming out. Hence, I was in a good mood and decided to cycle through the woods. We split with Kevin, the Canadian I met yesterday: he went to Timber Trail via the highway and I through the center of the North Island.

Everything went as advertised in the TA guide: sealed road turned into gravel, then 4WD track, then there was a narrow hanging bridge. It was so narrow I had to push Greengo in front of me. Then again 4WD track and gravel road. All the while going up and up. Finally, after five hours I covered 40km and reached the center of the North Island.

Another 12km of very rough gravel road and I was at the start of the Timber Trail.
There I had to replace two spokes on the front wheel – a small price to pay going through a very difficult and rough road.
I had to make another 40km on a trail good for mountain bike. The trail goes through rain forest and is quite nice, if you are not tired at the beginning, don’t have heavy bags, and have suspension. On a couple of occasions I almost flew over the handlebar when the front wheel stuck in mud or a pothole. Even going down wasn’t easy. But another five hours later, I was at Piropiro campsite.

This isn’t the end of the trail yet; tomorrow I need to make another 45km on it.
Today I put Greengo through a really tough test, I think it was worse than cycling the Death Road in Bolivia last year. And he passed with flying colors.
I think Brompton should have sent a film crew to follow today’s ride – it was quite adventurous and entertaining.

Today in numbers:

85 km – distance cycled
S 38° 31.515, E 175° 40.370 – coordinates of the center of the North Island