11/11/18 – Made For Cities?!

Last night at the camping I bumped into the same Canadian. He arrived earlier than me. Last night as well, I, who is a little finicky about drinking even tap water, drank from a stream. Hopefully, my system will handle it.
Today, I needed to finish the Timber Trail, another 45km of mountain biking. I started at 7am. Besides the first 10km, it was all downhill. One would think it’s easier but it wasn’t, for me at least.

There’s a song from heydays of the disco era called “Do you wanna bump?”. I didn’t, but it wasn’t a choice: the track was so bumpy, it slowed me down so much, and at the end I had one sorry ass.
Other bikers, on appropriate equipment, were flying past me. But I have heard a fair amount of “Wows!” from them. When I caught up with one group of resting bikers they expressed respect and appreciation for what I am doing on a Brompton. There were plenty of pictures taken of Greengo and me as well.

I reached the bottom of the trail at 1pm, six hours after I started. I covered 45km.
The Timber Trail is very nice and not very difficult, if you are on a mountain bike. Greengo and I however did a little bit… no, a fair amount… nah, a lot of walking and pushing. But, hey, we did finish it!

Today, there was a guy who broke the frame of his mountain bike. Greengo, on the other hand, came down the trail unscathed, a testament to the quality of Brompton bikes.

Today in numbers:

77 km – distance cycled
35 – bridges on the Timber Trail
141 m – is the longest one