10/31/18 – Ready. Steady. Go!

Without further ado, my version of the Tour Aotearoa has begun! I arrived to Cape Reinga on a shuttle, took the requisite photo (since I am trying to follow the official Aotearoa tour, I want to take photos at the control points along the way), and headed to Waitiki Landing, where I wanted to spend the night.

But instead, on a whim, I turned towards Te Paki Giant Dune. I thought maybe I could get even closer to Ninety Miles Beach, my excursion for tomorrow, to have a head start. According to the official guide there’s a “sandy path beside the stream” that is supposed to lead to the beach. There wasn’t. I had to go through the stream. Not only could I not cycle, but at times I had to carry Greengo on my shoulder.

When I reached the beach I had no other choice but to set up my tent right on dunes. My first experience with freedom camping. It was very windy and sand was everywhere by the time I finished setting up.

I am not quite sure how I will cycle tomorrow on my Brompton – it is covered with sand. But I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Now I need to get through the night.

Today in numbers:

25 km – distance cycled, pushed, dragged and carried on
1941 – year Cape Reinga Lighthouse was built
120000 – visitors per year at Cape Reinga