10/29/18 – Hill-arious

I was planning to relax while in Auckland but it’s a vast city. If one wants to see a little bit of it one has to move around. To move around one has a few options: car, bus, walk or cycle. Cycle – what a great idea! Except, the city is quite hilly. Still, I explored it to a certain degree but honestly, apart from a few natural sights like Mount Eden, I didn’t find much to see in Auckland.

During my stay here, I crossed the country at its narrowest point from the east coast to the west one; it’s only 15km wide.

On Sunday, I joined the Auckland Brompton Club, twenty or so Bromptoneers of all ages, to cycle to one of the city’s suburbs. It was a nice ride with a nice group of people. Thanks Andy Wang for inviting me!

In the end, my legs were as tired as they were before coming here.
Next: Cape Reinga, the very Northern tip of the country.

These days in numbers:

190 km – distance cycled
15.50 USD – price of a pack of cigarettes
1.55 USD – price of one liter of gasoline