10/30/22 – Messing Around

This past week the Messi10 team was busy training and assembling a show that will premiere on November 3rd. We only have third of the full cast to work with, so it is a challenge to re-create a presentable hour-long show that still has the spirit of the original one. Moreover, we only have two weeks to do so. Despite the challenges, the show is coming along well.
I continue to commute on my Brompton. A small stretch of this commute is on a dedicated cycling path which seems to be a one-off segment in a random area. Because I do not risk to hit the road after dark – the local driving habits leave much to desire even in the daytime – I only cycle one way, to work.

This week in numbers:

62 km — distance cycled
14 — artists performing on stage for this special edition of Messi10