11/06/22 – Oh So Special

On Thursday we opened the Messi10 Special Edition show to the Riyadh public. Fourteen artists, a handful of technicians and as many on the artistic team, including yours truly, pulled off a pretty decent show. We called it Special Edition because it is a stripped down version of the show that will run only during FIFA World Cup. In fact, officially it’s called World Cup Edition.
At one point earlier this year the World Cup gold trophy was on display here in Riyadh.
I still cycle to work, changing up the route daily. It requires some effort because of convoluted road layouts and drivers who aren’t willing to let cyclist safely change lanes or cross on the other side of the road. But I will not give up!

This week in numbers:

128 km — distance cycled
6 kg — of 18-carat gold was used to make the FIFA World Cup trophy but the winning team only gets to keep a gold-plated replica.