10/17/23 – Rubén Díaz Art Circuit

I would rather call it the “Cabinet of Curiosities”. Martin, my fellow Bromptoneer, invited me to join him in exploring the creations of the architect and sculptor Rubén Díaz. His works are scattered throughout his native Ituzaingó, a Buenos Aires suburb. I gladly accepted the invitation to diversify my cycling; all I had been doing since I returned to BA was commuting, which, in all honesty, had become quite boring.
We took a train to Ituzaingó and cycled from one Díaz chef-d’œuvre to another, weaving through the town. Most of these works are replicas of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum. In the end, we were supposed to visit a local museum exhibiting Díaz‘s paintings and sculptures, but I didn’t feel like spending part of a sunny day indoors, so we skipped it. Instead, to finish the tour, we stopped at Martin’s favorite ice cream parlor.

Today in numbers:

38 km — distance cycled
300 000 USD — price for the “Colosseum” of Ituzaingó, for those who wish to own one