10/10/22 – À Bientôt!

This year’s sojourn in France has come to an end. This time it was longer than last year but not as long as intended. The summer was intensely hot, in fact it was officially proclaimed a drought, in contrast to last year which was quite rainy. Staying here longer allowed me to pick walnuts, prunes and figs. The harvest wasn’t abundant but it was from our own garden.
Although there were several projects around the house that were carried out, I wasn’t as busy as last summer. As a consequence I spent more time on the saddle doing a few long distance cycling trips around the country, which I thoroughly enjoyed even if pedaling wasn’t always easy.
Now I have a couple of work assignments after which I’ll go back to the States for a few months. Hopefully, I’ll be back in France next spring to spend even more time there. I already have a few bike trips in the works to explore other parts of the country.
À bientôt!

France in numbers:

2627 km — distance cycled, threefold of last summer
A few — tonnes of sand, gravel, tiles, and wood carried up, down and around for the home improvement projects