09/03/23 – Birthplace

Rosario is the birthplace of a several notable individuals, two of whom have achieved global recognition. One among them left an indelible mark on Latin American history. The other carved a different kind of history, amassing numerous goals and clinching multiple Ballon D’Or awards. Yes, it’s Che and Leo. Wondering who boasts the longer Wikipedia page? Leo Messi claims that distinction by a significant margin. While I hold Messi’s talents and accomplishments in high regard, the profound influence of Ernesto “Che” Guevara on historical trajectories surpasses that of Messi. Yet, we find ourselves in an era of pop culture where things tend to skim the surface.
This marks my second visit to Rosario; the first was in 2018 when we staged the Sep7imo Dia show. I recall enjoying the city then and found similar satisfaction this time around. The ice cream parlors rival those of Buenos Aires, boasting imaginative flavors.
While I cycled daily, it was primarily commuting.
Now, we’re off to Buenos Aires to present our show to the metropolitan public.

Rosario in numbers:

419 km — distance cycled
21 — ice cream shops checked out; Bocha Helados was the best
4500 km — length of a solo trip through northern Argentina undertaken by Ernesto Guevara on a bicycle with a small engine in 1950
818 — goals scored so far by Lionel Messi