08/08/21 – A Day at the Races and A Night at the Opera

It was Saturday, a day-off from house renovations. It was cold-ish, only +17 C° – for comparison a year ago it was +41 C° – but it didn’t really matter: it’s been a week since my previous bike ride, so I was due for one.
At the beginning I had to race to warm myself up but soon enough came the hills and although I slowed down I wasn’t getting cold. I didn’t actually have a destination, I just did a smallish loop through Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne exploring new routes.

At night Julie and I went to see an opera as part of Saint-Céré’s musical festival. Unfortunately, due to the weather it was moved from the outdoor stage of “our” château to an indoor arena; it would have been much nicer to see the opera in a medieval castle located in our backyard. Fortunately, last night we saw a classical music concert there which was very cool. We really enjoyed both and maybe we’ll have the chance to see other performances in the château next year.

This Saturday in numbers:

45 km – distance cycled
+27 C° — average temperature in this area this time of the year
1 — fall from the bike skidding on a wet pavement resulting in minor scratches