08/09/21 – Citius, Altius, Fortius

The Olympics, of which I saw nothing, just wrapped up. I, however, like to push myself faster, higher, stronger regardless. Today it was mostly “altius” though: there were eleven straight kilometers of assent during today’s ride. I wasn’t planning to cycle but I finished one of the seemingly never ending renovation projects early and decided to give my Brompton a spin.
This time Strava sent me on the East-West axis, namely to Sousceyrac, roughly 25 km to the East. That’s where the long climb was. Inevitably there was a long descent on the way back, yay! Despite the sun shining, Sousceyrac was as grey and deserted as it was in winter time when we first visited it a couple of years ago.
Heading westward, I passed through Teyssieu which was also devoid of people unlike yesterday during its garage sale/flea market.
Just a few kilometers from home, Cornac which over the weekend held a concert, was quiet too. Perhaps it’s Monday syndrome, like a hangover.

Today in numbers:

53 km — distance cycled
689 m — elevation gain
206 — countries in IOC
46 — sport disciplines included in the Tokyo Olympic Games