08/15/21 – In the Pursuit of…

A few weeks ago we briefly stopped in Autoire, labeled one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, where I spotted an artisanal ice cream shop. I already had a couple of ice creams that day, so I skipped this one but took a note of it. Roughly a month later I decided it’s time to check this place out; I even convinced Julie to cycle there with me. Late Saturday morning we unfolded our Bromptons for a short ride to Autoire. Even in the morning it was very hot, close to +30° C, so when we reached Autoire we were ready to cool off with a generous portion of ice cream. To our great disappointment the shop was closed for the day, on a Saturday in the height of the tourist season. Incomprehensible! Bummed out, we returned home.

However, I am not easily deterred: the following day I cycled to Autoire again, this time by myself because Julie can only take so much cycling. I went in the opposite direction, taking a slightly longer and a bit more vertically challenging route. Once in Autoire I got myself three scoops of rich and creamy goodness to balance out the calories I burned on the way. As you can see I live a pretty balanced life. Oh, and I had one in Loubressac on the way to Autoire as well, just in case the creamery was closed again. How prudent of me, isn’t it?

This weekend in numbers:

54 km — distance cycled
156 — villages on the official list of The most beautiful villages of France, three of which are within a ten-kilometer radius from us