06/12/22 – 180

I didn’t cycle from mid-December of last year to this week, mostly due to circumstances out of my control. I am not a cyclist per se, I am rather a Brompton enthusiast. The only Brompton I own is still stuck in Saudi Arabia, consequently I was out of commission. But this week I finally got on one, Julie’s, thus mine by association, and made a very short trip to the grocery store. Back in New York, stores are no more than a five-minute walk; here in France they are about four kilometers away, so I have the choice of either driving or cycling. I obviously chose the latter. Julie’s bike is a bit short for me, so it’s all right for small trips but not for touring. Although I have a couple of multi-day trips planned, unless I get Greengo back soon I may have to postpone them.

This week in numbers:

10 km — distance cycled
180 — days without cyclin