05/05/19 – Bonne Fin de Semaine!

After yet another rainy snap, Montreal had a very nice weekend. I was home alone this weekend and used this opportunity to cycle around a little more. I went right and left or west and east of Montreal, if you will. Even though the traffic was light, I still preferred to use bike paths. Most of them were separated from traffic, because of that I could stick headphones into my ears and listened to Spotify instead of singing myself like a broken record as I usually do on the road.
The stretch of the bike path on South Shore was invaded by swarms of small flies. I wasn’t prepared for this and they were getting in my mouth, eyes, ears – brrr. At the end I looked like the Lord of the Flies.
As I cycle further afield, my legs are sore after each outing but I slowly getting back into cycling shape; I should be ready for Tour de L’Île de Montreal.

Last couple of weekends in numbers:

175 km – distance cycled
94 CAD – for one-year Bixi membership, Montreal’s bike sharing system