04/12/20 – Helter Shelter

Another couple of weeks passed sheltered at home. In the area of Brooklyn we live, life goes on almost as usual: many stores are open, there are people on the streets, traffic is light but not absent. If people wouldn’t wear masks I could have said: “Corona what?”. Then I read the news… and it looks like we’ll shelter-at-home for a while. I still, however seldom, cycle on my Brompton; don’t worry – it is very easy to keep social distance while cycling.

I keep my fingers crossed Greengo and I will able to ride the curve down.

P.S. Happy Easter!

This period in numbers:

155 km – distance cycled
139 326 km – the longest distance cycled in a single year, this record was set by Amanda Coker in 2016-2017
78 days 14 hours, and 40 minutes – the fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle done by Mark Beaumont in 2017