Weeks 35-36 – cLIMAx

Finally, after more than a week of delays, we opened in Lima. To our surprise, the audience was as loud and enthusiastic as in Buenos Aires.

With the equipment trucks came the luggage truck and in it, my Brompton. After a month off, I was riding my bike again. However, since we had a compressed show schedule, I was busy and only cycled to work. Limeños drive erratically and somewhat dangerously, but still, I was better off cycling than sitting in the shuttle in crazy traffic jams.

During our stay in Lima, we went to several cafes and restaurants: the food went from good to great to simply amazing. It might be the climax of Latin American cuisine; we’ll see if Mexico City can rival Lima’s food scene.

We didn’t only eat in Peru, we visited a couple of museums to nourish our minds as well.
Overall the Peruvian experience was great.

These weeks in numbers:

148km – distance covered on my Brompton
8 – days the Premiere in Lima was delay by
10 – shows in one week, the first and hopefully last time we do this
19 – restaurants and cafes we lunched and dined in