Week 53 – He, que pasa pinche Greengo?

For the last couple of weeks, we were in Monterrey, the most Americanized Mexican city. Welcome to the land of Walmarts, McDonalds, and big pickup trucks.
Monterrey lays at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains and the views are quite dramatic with their sharp peaks. I didn’t find the city itself all that attractive.

Our hotel was within the Fundidora Park. It was created on the site of a former Monterrey Steel Foundry Company, one of the worst polluters at the time. Some buildings and structures were kept intact. This contrast of greenery and industrial is what made it attractive to me. And the bike lanes, of course. The park extends for a few kilometers up to Barrio Antigua. Greengo had a playground to enjoy.

During our days off I cycled to the Cola de Caballo waterfalls and to Parque de Huasteca. The waterfall and surrounding area were quite nice but the road to get there wasn’t: a highway. I only reached the entrance to the Huasteca Park; it started to rain so I turned back. By the time I got back to the hotel I was drenched.

This week in numbers:

129 km – distance cycled
3 – Carl’s Jr burgers consumed: not much choice around the hotel
2 h – is the interval the steam whistle at the Horno 3 Steel Museum in the Fundidora park goes off no matter the time of the day, and it’s loud