Day 46 – 30 443

My AirB&B host Grigoris in Cyprus was nice enough to drive me to the airport, which saved me time or money, depending on how I would have gotten there otherwise. Strangely enough, I was able to find a direct flight to Malta. This time, the security staff didn’t bug me regarding the bike. Two and a half hours later, I was in Malta.
While waiting for the luggage I changed into my cycling gear, then I unfolded the bike, strapped my bags on and off I went to explore this new country.

I first went to see the Megalithic Temples of Malta that are supposedly older than Stonehenge and Egypt’s pyramids. Unfortunately, because they have to be preserved by putting a tent over it, the view is not as nice as Stonehenge.
Then I went to Mdina, Malta’s old walled capital, which was strangely quiet with just a few tourists.
After that was Mosta with its Dome that miraculously didn’t blow up when a German bomb pierced the dome but didn’t explode during WW II.

I quickly swung by St. Julian’s bay, and a few minutes later I ran into a magnificent view of Valletta across the bay. I can’t wait to go there tomorrow and see it up close. According to UNESCO, Valletta is one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world.

Meanwhile, I am sitting on the rooftop of the place where I am staying, with a Lithuanian, a Dutch and a Serbian who are playing a drinking card game. I am just sipping a beer and enjoying the nice cool evening.

Today in numbers:
41 km – distance covered
3h1m – riding time
7 – islands collectively called Malta
30 443 – times Malta can fit in the US