Day 4 – Béziers Curves

The second night in the tent wasn’t much better than the first one, not much sleep again. Maybe I am like a dog, I need to be house broken. But at least I woke up with the sound of my alarm, a good sign I guess. 

Once again I was quite close to the sea, once again I didn’t swim. Just logistics: pack up, swim, change, pack the wet swimsuit, didn’t make any sense to me. And the camping after that was even closer to a beach.

Au contraire to yesterday, today’s ride was a breeze – although everything is relative. I went through the Mediterranean backcountry, if this is applicable to the south of France. Quiet roads with virtually no cars for the first part of the way. Calm, sunny. Igor rejoiced!

I curved in Béziers, had a makeshift lunch, took a picture of the cathedral, curved out and a couple of hours later was in Marseillan Plage.

There were many people around and most of them were overly tanned, burnt even, so I didn’t feel like an outcast with my burnt arms and legs. Although with my bicycle tan, I looked a bit different. And I did swim today, probably the last time in a while, since I will go inland tomorrow.

Today in numbers:

73 km – distance covered
3h58m – riding time
2 – times jumped into the sea
3 € – declined to pay for electricity at the campsite, but still managed to use it