Day 38 – Arrested Development

I spoke too soon – the roads got worse, both in quality and difficulty. I already went to Budva yesterday, so I knew there was a climb right off the bat, but it continued to be up and down pretty much all the way to the Albanian border. And that’s the last thing I needed, on top of wind, heat when there was no wind, debris on the side of the road, cars passing by too close. The ascents were very lengthy and descents were too short, or so I felt.

I was glad when it was over. Montenegro, with its overcrowded beaches, half finished buildings, so-so roads, garbage dumped on the side of the road, livestock’s manure on roads, left the taste of dust and fumes of a developing country. Maybe the third time will be a charm but I somehow doubt there will be one.

If there were no border crossing booths, I wouldn’t notice any difference between the two countries: similar landscape, similar feelings of a developing country. Only the spelling has changed slightly.

One can see a castle on a hill when entering Shkoder, the second to last city in Albania I’ll visit. There is supposedly a nice old bridge outside the town but I ain’t riding no more today.

Yes, I am in Albania, long coming third target destination on my list.

Today in numbers:
91 km – distance covered
5h22m – riding time
3-4 – countries checked off my target list vs ones still on it
2-1 – my prediction France will beat Portugal in Euro 2016 final game, although I am rooting for Portugal