Day 22 – Italiano Vero

I left Lugano early morning trying to beat the heat but to no avail. By the time I reached Como, the first Italian city on my path, it was depressingly hot. I vaguely remember this city from my Moscow Circus touring years, when we had sailed to an island. Although there are a few nice piazzas, I stopped here for more trivial reasons: I needed to get a local SIM card so I can be connected with the rest of the world.
Then, a short hop to Lecco, a cute little town on lake Como. It seems everyone there was eating gelato. I didn’t need any more hints, I joined the ranks of locals and foreigners cooling themselves down.

Once again I will be sleeping in my tent. Once again the spot is great – right on the lake Garlate, 10 meters from the water. I went in right after I arrived, it was so nice after hot afternoon ride.

Today in numbers:

69 km – distance covered
4h13m – riding time, wasn’t really in a hurry
33° C – today’s temperature