Day 14 – All That Jazz

Thanks to a dinner with Lucie’s friends, I now have a few places to stay in Switzerland. While eating fondue and chatting about my trip, Marie hooked me up with her brother in Zurich and her friends in Salavaux. While Loïc, Marie’s son, put me in contact with his musician friend in Lausanne. So today, despite the rainy weather, I was in a good mood, because I was assured a dry and warm night.
The ride between Geneva and Lausanne was short by my standards: just 60 km. The route follows the shoreline of lake Geneva, or as the French call it, le Lac Léman. It’s mostly a dedicated bike path. The way was dotted with cute little towns, some old and some modern.

As I got into Lausanne, I received a message from Virgile, my musician host, about a change of plans: he could not host me – bummer, but his brother could – yeah! After a bit of sightseeing, I reached the flat and I brought all my stuff, bike included, to the fourth floor. I was greeted by Basile, Virgile’s brother, who happens to be a musician as well. In fact, all three of them, Loïc, Virgile and Basile, used to play jazz together: Loïc on drums, Virgile on contrabass and Basile on saxophone. When I arrived, Basile was arranging a composition he wrote. Later in the evening, we went to la Haute-Ecole De Musique to listen to a jazz concert by this year’s graduates. Everyone I met there had a beard in one shape or another. Basile, though, had the longest. There were a few beers consumed in between the jazz sessions. So, despite the rain, it was a good day.

Today in numbers:
74 km – distance covered
4h6m – riding time
0 – unintentional detours, the road is well signposted even I couldn’t missed the turns