Day 12 – Swiss Time

The last day of the French part of the trip was gloomy but never produced more than a drizzle. The ride was mostly uneventful except for a small crash. It involved a wet surface and railroad tracks. It wasn’t spectacular and resulted only in minor bruises. I was lucky there were no cars behind me.
After that, the road was quiet until I reached the small village of Frangy, where a long 15 km ascent began. You could hear me huffing and puffing and asking myself if it’s going to end after this turn or if I have to suffer some more. Then, at last, there was the long-awaited descend that led me straight to Switzerland.

I was a little disappointed that there were no signs like Au Revoir et Bonne JournĂ©e on the French side or Bienvenue en Suisse on the Swiss side. Before I realized it, I was in Geneva. I was greeted by Lucie (my wife’s aunt), her daughter and son-in-law and little Olivia. Hot shower, nice family dinner, and bed.

Today in numbers:
76 km – distance covered
4h41m – riding time
1 – small crash, from which both Greengo and I walked away with only minor scratches